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IAG V3 Street Series Air Oil Separator 2022+ Subaru WRX

IAG V3 Street Series Air Oil Separator 2022+ Subaru WRX

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The IAG Performance V3 Street Series Air / Oil separator (AOS) is an excellent investment to keep your Subaru vehicle running well. The Street Series AOS maintains OEM PCV system functionality, but supplements its capacity. The Street Series AOS design is based on years of extensive testing on standard and competition applications. The Street Series AOS' large, 1-liter, cast aluminum swirl pot canister more effectively separates oil from the PCV system upstream of PCV gasses' return to the intake system. The Street Series AOS' fully-heated cast aluminum housing, superior venting, and unique, patent pending, baffle design set it apart from the rest. The Street Series AOS is compatible with all fuel types, extends engine life, improves crankcase ventilation and is compatible with standard ECU calibrations.


Keeping oil out of the engine intake tract is extremely important towards preventing premature mechanical failure and maintaining performance. Oil in the intake tract of the engine has several detrimental effects. First, the oil coats the internal portions of the intake, intercooler, and piping. This oil may cause premature failure of rubber or silicone hoses, which leads to failed connections.
Once the oil reaches the intake tract it will directly enter the intake manifold and then the combustion chamber of the engine. Oil inside of the combustion chamber can cause detonation and preignition, high emissions, smoke, loss of power, decreased gas mileage, and even catastrophic engine failure, leading to expensive repair bills.


The IAG AOS is designed to be maintenance free. Unlike traditional catch-can systems, our Air Oil Separators do not not require regular draining and maintenance. Once the system is installed there is no further maintenance required. Separated Oil collects on the walls of the AOS can and slowly drains out the bottom by gravity back into the engine's crankcase. Because of our unique heating system the captured oil does not contain sludge, so there's no danger to recirculating the oil back into the engine.The large volume of the AOS body allows plenty of time for the oil to drain back without the danger of overflowing like some smaller catch cans.

Off-Road Use Policy

By purchasing this product, you are acknowledging the use of this service is explicity for Competition/Off - Road Racing ONLY. It is the responsbility of the buyer to remain compliant with local, state & federal laws regarding EPA restrictions.

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