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DBA SP500 Front Brake Pads 2009-2016 Nissan GTR

DBA SP500 Front Brake Pads 2009-2016 Nissan GTR

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Vehicle Fitment

  • 2009-2011 Nissan GTR Base
  • 2009-2016 Nissan GTR Premium
  • 2012-2016 Nissan GTR Black Edition
  • 2014-2015 Nissan GTR Track Edition
  • 2015-2016 Nissan GTR Nismo

DBA 09-11 Nissan GT-R SP500 Front Brake Pads

DBA Street Performance is the next step up for all vehicles, developed to provide an effective friction response to pedal application and offer low wear and ultra-low dust. DBA recommend Street Performance brake pads for daily driver and performance vehicles, 4WD's and SUV's. They are also compatible with light commercial and trade vehicles. DBA recommends using these brake pads with DBA T2 or T3 slotted rotors for optimum braking power

DBA SP500 high performance ceramic based brake pads are copper free and are pre burnished for fast bed-in. The SP500 compound is ideally suited for use with all DBA rotors and is engineered for maximum braking performance on the street.

Specifications: Semi-metallic friction material, F-F class friction (035 average mu from low to high temperatures), Consistent friction at high temperatures, Optimal braking consistency up to 438C (820F). Low dust, copper-free ceramic brake pads for high performance street use. DBA 09-11 Nissan GT-R SP500 Front Brake Pads. DBA SP500 High Performance Brake Pads. Disc Brake Pad Set. Brake Pads SP500

Brake rotors and pads are essential parts to making sure your vehicle is stopping promptly. By upgrading your brake pads and rotors, your vehicle will be able to handle more aggressive braking for longer periods of time.

Upgrading your OEM brake pads to a performance set of brake pads is a great way to increase the stopping power of your brakes. When driving aggressively, your may experience some brake fade. Upgrading your brake pads to a performance set of brake pads will help reduce brake fade and ensure that your can stop when necessary.

Brake Location: FRONT

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Off-Road Use Policy

By purchasing this product, you are acknowledging the use of this service is explicity for Competition/Off - Road Racing ONLY. It is the responsbility of the buyer to remain compliant with local, state & federal laws regarding EPA restrictions.

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